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In 1974, something unusual happened in Ethiopia….

It was in 1974 when science began to validate the claim that Ethiopia was indeed near or associated with the Garden of Eden, as written in the biblical chapter of Genesis in paragraph 2:13.

The three million year old fossil that became known as Lucy, found in Ethiopia in the Rift valley, linked this country as near the cradle of life, where human evolution occured—the scientific Garden of Eden

It also sparked scientific and religious controversy.

The year 1974 was when also the ruling Ethiopian monarchy and its king, the proclaimed descendents of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, were forced from power by a regime that would impose a disastrous form of Soviet-sponsored communism.

Millions of Ethiopians would perish.

What happened in Ethiopia 1974 has forever changed the religious, scientific, and political landscape of world history. Yet, little attention has been made to associate these two events.

Whether this was a mere coincidence or an act of “divine synchronicity” — what is certain, Ethiopia offers a rich and unique history that extends beyond these two events.

It also extends the legacy of a movement recognized as Ethiopianism.

This page was created to promote and celebrate the phenemenon.

The founder of this forum is not an Ethiopian .

One of the many sites created to promote this phenemomon is

Several small booklets are in the making including “Twenty-Five Historic Moments in the Evolution of a Proper Noun Called Ethiopianism” , “The God of Ethiopia” and “Prophets and Profitteers”.

ReligiousConsultants.COM also seeks to become an online e-library, providing over 200,000 pages of information on religious content, with updated news coverage, humour, and discussion forums .

ReligiousConsultants.COM seeks to enlighten and entertain the Ethiopianism phenomenon debate in its bid to win the John Templeton Foundation’s Progress In Religion Award.

The founding text suggests:

Ethiopia is the metaphysical location where
the spiritual and physical bind, where
original sin occured.
Ethiopia is the land of Moses‘ wife.

“Then the king commanded Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, saying, Take from hence thirty men with thee, and take up Jeremiah the prophet out of the dungeon, before he dies.”
– Jeremiah 38:6-13


About Ethiopia the African Tibet Show - Ethiopianism Online Revival

Promoting Ethiopia, Ethiopianism, and the African Nation that Acquired its Name.
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