Did Mysterious Jewish sect of Zimbabwe come from Ethiopia ?


                             Are these ruins in Zimbabwe the work of the Lemba?

“According to their oral tradition, the male ancestors of
the Lemba came to southeast Africa to obtain gold.
After entering Africa, the tribe is said[who?] to have split off
into two groups, with one staying in Ethiopia, and the other
traveling farther south, along the east coast. The Lemba claim
this second group settled in Tanzania and Kenya, and built what
was referred to as “Sena II”. Others were said to have settled
in Malawi, where descendants reside today. Some settled in
Mozambique, and eventually migrated to South Africa and Zimbabwe,
where they claim to have constructed or helped construct the
great enclosure[7] (see below). Most academics agree, though,
that for the most part, the construction of the enclosure at
Great Zimbabwe is attributable to the ancestors of the Shona.”

“Almost 2,500 years ago, after the destruction of the Temple,
a group of Jews left Judea and settled in Yemen. When the
economic situation in Yemen began to fail, the Jews left and
moved to Africa; with one group settling in Ethiopia and the
other in Tanzania. After several years, many Jews left Ethiopia
and moved further south into what today is Zimbabwe. They
became known as the Ba-Lemba. Today, there exists a Lemba
Cultural Association attempting to bring all the various Lemba
communities in South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe

“That most fabled of artifacts, rediscovered in public culture
thanks to the movie theatrics of Steven Spielberg and Raiders
of the Lost Ark, which has remained lost to humanity for at
least 1,500 years, has resurfaced in Africa. The only problem
is where, exactly. Is it in Aksum, Ethiopia, brought there by
Menelik, the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba? Is it in
Zimbabwe, kept hidden by the Lemba tribe, true descendants of
Moses himself? Or are both claims false, yet more examples of
wishful thinking among scholars desperate to lay bare the
divine, supernatural power of God?”

The Ruins of Great Zimbabwe

The Ruins of Great Zimbabwe


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