Ethiopianism Poetics: Ethiop by David Rain

By David Rain

We find that maize may often drop
Upon the plains of Ethiop,
Though puzzled children, nosing near,
Will make us wonder what we fear
In Ethiop, in Ethiop.
The pianist tinkles ‘You’re the Top’
In Harry’s Place in Ethiop,
While roaring boys out on the town
Contend for who should wear the crown
Of Ethiop – the perfect prop!
They say that time must have a stop,
And stop it has in Ethiop.
Like old Italian men in bars
Who rode on Mussolini’s cars
Through Ethiop, past palm, past kop,
We sit and tremble, eyes a-pop,
And wonder why in Ethiop,
As other places lately mapped,
Our little show has left us trapped:
A sure-fire flop! O Ethiop,
The branch the woodsman fears to lop
May be most rotten. Hope’s a sop:
But on the highways of the heart,
We crouch and pray for rain to start.
(On squares in dust, the children hop.)
Redeem me blind, when summer’s crop
Has failed again in Ethiop:
But gold and silver I have seen,
And gardens aqueous, gold and green,
In Ethiop, in Ethiop.


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