Ethiopianism Poetics: Rule Ethiopia

Ethiopianism Poetics: Rule Ethiopia

Rule Ethiopia
By Iris Lucille Patterson

Rule on! O gallant Ethiopia, rule!
Millions of foes around thee press;
But, ere the ruthless friends find their tools
Will reach that wished-for-spot, that blissful, hallowed rest!
Rule on! for thou alone must lift
The weight from off the shoulders of thy sons, who drift—
The rafters that thy daughters clung to, in their plight
Must be abandoned for sacred ark of Right!
Rule on in triumph, tho’ the foe
Oppress us, as we onward go
Singing the song, “Ethipia Rules the Waves.”
We’ve vowed that Ethipia no more shall be slaves.
And whilst thou rulest, let they children, far and wide
Thro’ the medium of our MARCUS be gathered to thy side;
For the tri-colors that shall win us back the land we love so well
Must be the RED, the BLACK, the GREEN, our loyal hears to swell.
Three ringing cheers for Garvey—God bless Jamaica’s son”
Hurrah for Ethipia, whose joys are begun!
Ten thousand joybells peal aloud the song NEW NEGROES sing
Ring out the old, ring in the New, and ring, ring, ring.


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