Yene Tafach Theatre

Yene Tafach Theatre

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The Ethiopian Love Correction — Ethiopian hit television show that lets audiences choose the best suitor in awkward love triangles that confront deep social, religious, and econo mic issues in Ethiopia’s diverse culture is about to become censored on the eve of the most provocative show yet. The weekend prized trip to Bahir Dar is the least reason to be on this show for this diaspora trio.

Aesop’s Love – It is easy to be brave from a distance, said the great Etopic philosopher. Disappointment awaits. Two love seeking individuals find that online intimacy and real world intimacy seldom succeed.

AsaAsaAsa – There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea. Two competing former British fishermen set out for Ethiopia in a race to sell fish and chips in Addis Ababa only to encounter rough seas ahead.

Addis Adwa – An Eritrean raised in Addis Ababa finds herself in limbo and separated from her fiancĂ©e following the 1998 Eritrean Conflict. She now struggles to make a new home alone, her family now scattered from Seattle to Cologne.

Remaking Skunder -.A Caucasian artist turns heart break into abstract art as he tries to escape the thoughts of rejection of his Ethiopian female inspiration.

Ande Liye Enalim – Dream with me. Two opposite individuals that all but attract discover they share identical wishlists for life.

Yene Muse – An aspiring atheist American field paleontologist, consumed with grief by the death of his Ethiopian female assistant and love interest, is determined to find God in the Ethiopian highlands.


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Promoting Ethiopia, Ethiopianism, and the African Nation that Acquired its Name.
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