Five Ethio-Ramadan Tidbits –Ramadan Kareem

Five Ethio-Ramadan Tidbits –Ramadan Kareem
Today begins the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, observed by Ethiopians of the Islamic Faith.
This year Ramadan begins on July 20th and continues until August 18th.  Observing Ramadan is one of the five pillars of the Islamic Faith

Here are five Ethiopian
related tidbits for Ramadan 2012

— Some good news for those fasting in Addis Ababa as opposed to their diaspora brethren around the world.  Sunrise today is set for 6:14 AM in Addis Ababa and is schedule to set at 6:49 PM.  In London, England,  sunrise is scheduled for  5:08 AM and sunset is set for 9:05 PM.    In Washington D.C., sunrise is scheduled for 5:59 AM and sunset for 8:29 PM.   For the shortest day for sunlight, look no further than Melbourne, Australia where sunrise is for  7:30 AM and schedule to set for 5:23 PM.

— This year the religious festival of the Kulubi Gabriel pilgrimage will fall during the month of Ramadan on July 26. This festive religious event is celebrated by both Ethiopian Christians and Muslims.

— This will be the first time in thirty years that the Olympics, this year in London, will be hosted during Ramadan and this will be especially testing for several Ethiopian athletes of the Islamic faith that are participating. The BBC reports that over 3,000 Muslims are expected to participate in this years Olympics.

— A historic tidbit for this Ramadan.  On July 21, 1935, the New York Times reported a demonstration of unity between Ethiopian Christians and Muslims near Emperor Menelik II’s statue in Addis Ababa. It was one of the largest gatherings in the Ethiopian capital in show of support and determination to “defend to the last man” their territory against to an impending Italian invasion.

— Unlike the Ethiopian Christian Orthodox fast–which prohibits meat a day dairy products, Ramadan has no dietary restrictions.  Popular dishes in Ethiopia for Ramadan include doro wot and for desert, sambusa. Melkem Megib .


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