The Similarities of Tsome Filseta and the Olympics? – Bizu Newe

The Similarities of Tsome Filseta and the Olympics? – Bizu Newe
With the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church’s Tsome Filseta(the
fast of the Virgin Mary) coinciding with the 2012 London Olympics; I come to realize that these two events share some  similarities.

Both the fast of the Virgin Mary (Tsome Filseta) and the Olympics are approximately 15 days in length and both trace their origins two millennium ago. Both are also rigorously observed and begin and end with its own distinct ceremony.

Both events appear to be timed at the end of the season.  In the western hemisphere, it is scheduled for late summer, and it ends with a notion autumn is about to begin.  In Ethiopia, Tsome Filseta ends with a notion that the rainy reason is about to end the New Year is to begin.

Dietary restrictions are also crucial key to both success for the participants of the Olympics and Tsome Filseta . Whereas the athletes abide to a strict diet guideline to ensure maximum strength to succeed physically. Adherents of the Tsome Filseta abide to a strict dietary guideline  to ensure maximum strength to succeed spiritually.

For both participants, success requires a great deal of preparation, sacrifice, faith, and a determination to succeed.

But unlike the Olympics, which only comes once every four years and where there can only be one gold winner,  Tsome Filseta allows everybody a chance to take gold (although spiritual),.and this one at least comes every 12 months.  :–D

Food for thought?


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