Where is Saint Ewostatewos buried?

Where is Saint Ewostatewos buried?
— The story of Saint Ewostateowos’ last days are recorded to have been while abroad in Armenia.
According to the Encyclopedia Aethiopica, the Armenian patriarch presided over the funeral rites for the Saint, “whose body was deposed “next to the tomb of the holy marty Behman, in a church of Armenia (likely to be the so-called Bozuk Kilise, the “Ruined Church”, of Sebinkarahisar.”

Today Sebinkarahisar is in the modern state Turkey, in the Giresun Province in the Black Sea region, some 400 kilometers from the Armenian border. Sebinkarahisar—with a population of 11,000—appears to have been home to a diverse community of cultures  in its 2000+ history.
The town reportedly came under rule by different empires including the Mongul invasion during the fourteenth century. What is certain is that this town indeed was home throughout the centuries to a significant Armenian population, whom called the town Kogoniya, and most recently Nikopoli.   It also notes the town was one of the few locations where Armenians “actively resisted the Armenian Genocide”.
Unfortunately it appears from a quick search that the tomb and/or marker for Saint Ewostatewos is nowhere today to be found.

Interesting tidbit—It was also noted in the Encyclopedia Aethiopica that a finger bone of Saint Ewostatewos was returned to Ethiopia where it is kept in the Gondar church of Medhane Alem.

(Photo: The town of Sebinkarahisar, the suspected location of the resting place of Saint Ewostatewos , who died on this date in 1352.  During the Armenian Genocide of 1915, many Armenians took refuge in the castle on the mountain. Source: Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Aethiopica)


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