Ethio-Eritrean Poetics / United

Ethio-Eritrean Poetics  / United

Sorry to intrude

I made a mistake

But the writing looks identical

and the music sounds the same

Your accents are hard to distinguish

and your names sound so similar

I’ve seen those tables before

and the aroma here smells quite familiar

You say you are not the same people

but I don’t want to believe ya,

Even that lady at the bar

said she is one hundred percent habesha

I’ll leave now with my flyers and all my Ethio propaganda

I’ll go back next door  where I can continue my agenda

So please forgive me,

I’m not here to cause trouble whatsoever

Just keep in mind and never forget,

you are still all united,

united by the injera.


About Ethiopia the African Tibet Show - Ethiopianism Online Revival

Promoting Ethiopia, Ethiopianism, and the African Nation that Acquired its Name.
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