Medrek – Same Ol Song and Dance

There was this an Ethiopian quite popular across North America and even as far as Europe.

Eight to ten times a month in different cities he would coordinate various banquet events for the Ethiopian communities. Each event had a similar theme such as “Brainstorming ways to bring change to Ethiopia”, “Generating ideas to modernize Ethiopia”, or “How to better improve Ethiopia in the twenty-first century with our modern means”.

It was an opportunity to bring together the disapora to rally up new ways to help promote Ethiopia, and encourage and improve greater unity and democracy. The objectives also included ways to eliminate the cycle of problems inflicting Ethoopia such as drought, illiteracy and other social ills.

These banquets were a treat chance to bring together these communities to express their grievances and lament the hardships and plight of the moment. Although new ideas were seldom brought forward, these events were getting quite popular. They would include music, traditional food, guest speakers, auctions, poets, and comedians. And the event would never be complete without its fashion show.

One day a young manattended the event and given a chance to speak on the stage. The stranger appeared out of place, but the audience listened intensely as it was uncommon hear new ideas.

In his speech the young introduced many ideas, suggestions, and examples. Some came from the south, the north, the west, and the east. All were untested in Ethiopia and these new strategies he insisted would help fulfill the purpose of these events.

Now as the young speaker spoke, the much loved coordinator began to fume and boil in frustration. He soon interjected the speaker and challenged him in a rare display of anger. “How dare you attempt to come here and pollute our homeland with these foreign ideas”, he screamed. “Our nation has influenced other nations throughout the world. It is our own ideas, not theirs, that we need. ”

He looked to the audience and pleaded “My friends, do not be mslead. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing. This is the donkey that sinned”. The audience sat silently, modestly nodding their heads in agreement.

The coordinator continued: “Our nation descents from an ancient civilization and is unique, and is ruled by different customs. Real change must come slowly and cannot be rushed by these silly ideas that will only corrupt our people..”

The furious coordinator added: “Why must we accept ideas from the savage south, the materialistic west, the usurping north, or the Godless East?” Without defending his stance, the young man listened quietly.

The coordinator went on and on reciting Ethiopia proverbs in english and in amharic giving every possible reason to reject the proposals of the young man.

As the event came to a close the young man had now departed and the audience began to prepare to leave. The famed coordinator now returned to the podium and in a final farewell to the night, said

“My dear friends… I do apologize for such a ruckus that occurred here tonight. But let me assure you, next weekend we have arranged to be Atlanta and in fact we have rented the largest banquet hall in the entire city. This will be the biggest event yet and our theme will be entitled : “Seeking new ideas to promote and bring change to Ethiopia.”…. My friends…you are all invited.”



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