The Day God Struck Back in Ethiopia – November 24, 1974

The Day God Struck Back in Ethiopia – November 24, 1974
There are some that sincerely believe the Selassie monachy and the devout Ethiopians are indeed the descendants of King Solomon and King David—part of a divine biblical promise that the House of David would continue to reign till the end of time—A promise made by God.

When the Dergue began its murderous purge on November 23, 1974— it was in fact an attempt to carry out a Godless Marxist Atheist plot to rid God’s presence and plan for Ethiopia.  It would fail.

How ironic, or was it, that less then 24 hours later science would begin to valid the claim that Ethiopia was indeed associated with the Garden of Eden as stated in the very first page of the Bible in Genesis 2:13.

The discovery of the fossil Lucy on November 24 1974 would become the most defining scientific moment of our era.

Was this coincidence or an act of divine synchronization?

Altbough many interpretations can be justly made from this day forward, the clear message was certain—God was not going to leave Ethiopia.  Ethiopia was now stretching out to God…

The World may have on this date saw the sign.  The warning was more then ever clear.   God speaks through Ethiopia …


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