Interesting Tidbits about Ethiopia on this date on December 16

Interesting Tidbits about Ethiopia on this date on December 16
— On this date in 1960, the Associated Press reported that loyalists to Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie had crushed the coup-revolt and rebel remnants were now either killed or on the run.  It also reported that the Emperor had arrived back to Ethiopia via Asmara where he immediately went to church to pray.

— On this date in 1933,  Ethiopia inspired Leonard Howell, one of the four forefathers of the Rastafarian movement and religion, was arrested in St. Thomas, Jamaica on the grounds of Treason.

According to the authorities, Howell had earlier at an open air meeting in the village Trinityville, advocated his controversial six principles that included hate and revenge against the “white race” and the declaration that Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie as the “Supreme Being” and only ruler of the Black People.

Howell had previously been monitored by authorities for various activities, including selling home-made photocopies of the Ethiopian Emperor for a shilling as passports to Ethiopia.
(Source: “Ethiopianism in Jamaica” by Leonard E. Barrett.)

(Photo: An Ethiopian flag of the Imperial era stands guard on the fallen ruins of the great House of Pinnacle in near St. Catherine, Jamaica—the first know Rastafarian commune high on the hill.
Founded by Howell,  who purchased the land in cash, Pinnacle became a symbol of independence to the Rastafarian movement and came under repeated attack and destruction by authorities.
Howell, born on June 16, 1898,  has been regarded as th first `rasta`and in 1935 authored an Ethiopia-laden manuscript entitled the “Promise Key” under a pseudonym pen name.  Howell died in 1981.  Efforts are now underway to preserve the site as a national Heritage site.)


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