Eight Lucky Ethiopian-China relations tidbits

January 23, is the Chinese New Year
–This says Ethiopia in Chinese —
(The number 8 being the Chinese Lucky Number, here
are Eight interesting tidbits about Chinese-Ethiopian relations.

— China was among the five major countries to refuse to recognize Italy’s conquest of Ethiopia.

— China and Ethiopia formally began diplomatic relations in 1970.  In 1971, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie visited China.

— Ethiopia currently stands on the side of China in regards to its claim to Taiwan.

— In 1975, Ethiopian Airlines became the first African Airliner to offer direct  commercial flights between Addis Ababa and Beijing.  In 2011, it began stops to  Hangzhou, its fourth landing destination. The others being Shanghai and Guangzhou.

— The first Ethiopia restaurant opened up in Beijing in 2008.  Located near the embassy district, the Ras Ethiopian Cuisine Restaurant includes  a life size photograph of Chairman Mao and Emperor Haile Selassie on its wall.

—There are several Chinese restaurants in Ethiopia, most notably the Chinese Bar and Restaurant located next to the Ghion Hotel near Meskel Square in Addis Ababa.

— A small but growing Chinese community exists in Ethiopia. In 2008, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was established in Addis Ababa.

— China is now considered Ethiopia’s largest trading partner. In 2009, direct Chinese investment in Ethiopia reached $900 million(US) and bilateral trade has reached $1.3 billion dollars.


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