Ten Tidbits About the Mysteriousness of the Emperor Prince /

The Mysteriousness of the  Emperor Prince

— On this date in 1974, the New York Times report that Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie announced his decision to appoint his grandson, Crown Prince Zera Yacob Asfa Wossen, as his successor.  The decision came after much speculation on the fate of the Emperor’s original seccessor and son, Crown Prince Asfa Wossen, who isapparently receiving medical treatment in England after an apparent stroke.

Editor addition:. There has been little published about Prince Zera Yacob, which explains several rumours on his fate.
Here are ten tidbits about Prince Zera Yacob, I gathered.

— Prince Zera Yacob was born August 17, 1953.

— Princes Yacob was educated in the United Kingdom at Eton and Oxford College.

— Princes Yacob was in England during the Ethiopian Revolution, avoiding an ill-fate.

— Leslie Scott, inventor of the hit seller game Jenga, describes a brief encounter with Prince Zera Yacob in her Book “About Jenga”.

— According to Wikipedia, Prince Yacob was briefly married to Nunu Getaneh, who both share a daughter, Princess Lideta Zera Yacob.

— According to the British news publisher The Independent, which published an article on the Prince in 1997, Prince Zera Yacob reportedly worked briefly in the United States after college in Washington DC at the World Bank for two years before returning to England.

— Prince Zera Yacob official became regarded as head of the Imperial Family of Ethiopia since the death of his father on February 17,  1997.

— According to the British news publisher The Independent, Prince Yacob was twice rejected a US visa to attend his father’s funeral in the United States, on grounds the Prince committed a previous violation overstaying on a previous tourist visa.

— In 2001 Wikipedia reported that. Prince Zera Yacob established the Imperial Crown Order of Saint Mary of Zion.
Currently its website is down.

— Prince Zera Yacob is beleived to reside in Addis Ababa.


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