The Steamship Ethiopia

— On June 6, 1894, the New York Times reported that the the Anchor Line Steamship Ethiopia, which sailed en route to Britain from New York on June 2, had struck an iceberg in the Atlantic. Passengers recounted the event, saying it came without warning during dense fog—and the impact was enough to throw those onboard to the floor. Passengers described the iceberg as some 200 feet high and nearly two miles long. Those that saw the gaping hole marveled that the ship managed to stay a float, arriving five days overdue at its destination of Glasgow.
The Philadelphia Record, one of many newspapers to report the incident when the story broke on June 18th, wrote: “”Nobody aboard the Ethiopia was injured, and the cargo was not greatly damaged . That vessel was saved was due to the stability of her bulkheads and the splendid management of the captain.” The Ethiopia was built in 1873 at Glasgow and served to sail emigrants and other passengers mainly between Glasgow and New York.


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