Did an Ethiopic-African People Discover the Americas before Columbus?

Did an Ethiopic-African People Discover the Americas before Columbus?

Today is Columbus Day in many countries throughout the Americas commemorating Christopher Columbus’s epic landing in 1492 on the shores of the western hemisphere.
In the past two centuries there has been a growing fascination and debate in regards to an ancient Ethiopic-African presence in central America thousands of years ago.
Historian John G. Jackson in his 1939 classic “Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization” cites numerous authors that have hypothesized this connection. In recent years, numerous websites have also appeared carrying on this idea.
Much emphasis has been placed on the Olmec civilization of central America, which is considered the oldest known civilization in the Americas. The Olmec’s are known for their numerous carvings, religious symbolism, and a distinct writing which shares similarities to those of the Mande people of West Africa and to the ancient Egyptians whom also have their own origin traced to an Ethiopic-African legacy.
(Photo: Author Sterling M. Means’ “Ethiopia and the Missing Link in African History” is one of dozens of books that attempt to associate an Ethiopic-African link to the 3000-year-old Olmec Head statutes of central America that display distinct “African” features.)


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