The Ethiopian Connection – Is Dhu As-Suwaiqatain the Al-Habesha a Paleontologist?

End Time Islamic Prophecy –

The Ethiopian Connection – Is Dhu As-Suwaiqatain the Al-Habesha a Paleontologist?


Ethiopia has an unusual place in End Time Islamic Prophecy.

Abu Huraira is among the most important figures in the early history of Islam. A brief but close companion to the Prophet Mohammed, pbuh; Abu Huraira (603 – 681) was one of the narrators of the Hadith.

The Hadith is described as “the collection of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions’ actions and statements.”

It is written that Abu Huraira quoted the Prophet(pbuh) of a vision of the end times. The prohecy suggests it would be a man from Habesha (Modern Day Ethiopia) that will in the moments before God’s judgement destroy the holy Kaa’ba and steal its treasure — it happens at a time when nobody seems to even notice.

Borrowing from discoverislam . org, it says: “”Dhu As-Suwaiqatain, who is from Habasha (Ethiopia), will destroy the Ka’bah; he will steal its jewels and remove from it its covering. It is as if I am looking at him – Usaili’an (one who has a receding hairline or one who is bald), Ufaidi’an (having crooked joints). He will strike it with his Masaahiyah ( a steel shovel) and his Mai’wal ( a huge axe that is used to pierce through rocks).”

When it comes to studying prophecy, there is always unlimited room for interpretation.

What is interesting is that the Prophet Mohammed, pbuh, speaks nothing negatively of the Ethiopians. In fact, many of the first Muslims were from Ethiopia including and the Prophet’s (pbuh) nurse Baraka Umm Ayman and Bilal Al Habesh–considered the first caller to prayer.

Ethiopia is often considered the first Hajjra, where the Prophet Mohammed, pbuh, sent his family to, and praised the King as justly ruler. the Prophet, pbuh, told his followers to leave the Ethiopians in peace.

So its interesting then that it would also be an Ethiopian that would be described as destroying the Ka’aba? So what should we make of this very controversial prophecy.

My take? This Ethiopian(Habesha) is a Paleontologist. As described: “crooked legs”, “shovel” and an”axe”—all trademarks of a paleonolotigist.

But here is the trivial part—which might need some more work explaning. The theft of the Kaa’ba’s treasure might not be a physical theft but more a spiritual/attention theft.

As we all might agree, we are entering a very new era for religion—the Religion of Science.

We are already seeing the conflict of Religion of Science in the schools where the Creationists and the Evolutionists are at war on what should be taught in the classroom in regards to the origin of humanity.

The Book of Evolution is one important part in the Religion of Science. And we are all aware that the fossil finds in and around Ethiopia have threatened now the literal intepretation of the Bible and other religious holy texts.

We are aware now that this Religion of Science and the Book of Evolution has made Ethiopia its Garden of Eden and its Holy Land. And Lucy its tabot.

What is happening now is that scientists around the world are still coming to Ethiopia looking for that “missing link” to explain humanity’s origin. They come believing that somewhere in Ethiopia is that remarkable answer we seek—and they might just be very right.

It seems that time and time again Ethiopia has and will–in its rightful time-reveal a new discovery that will cause both aww and uproar around the world.

Slowly but surely, something will come out of Ethiopia that could jeopodize the existing religions of the day — and it will likely be an Ethiopian to find it–and likely in the ground.

It may likely not happen in our lifetime but we can already see it coming. And when it does, the world will be looking toward Ethiopia for further answers—and holy places such as Jerusalem and Mecca might suddenly become obsolete.

And when all eyes begin to look toward Ethiopia, and away from these once holy places—–it could be easily said that indeed an Ethiopian will have stolen the treasure of the Kaa’ba.


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