Ten Mentions of Famines in Ethiopian History

Ten Mentions of Famines in Ethiopian History
— At the turn of the first millenium (source needs to be found again) I discovered a story that Ethiopia had briefly severed its relations with the the Egyptian Coptic Church. A resulting famine would caste fear onto the Ethiopian Church, and the decision was made to restore ties with Alexendria… This might be the earliest known famine recorded in Ethiopia although this source needs to be found again.

— According to the the book Futuh al-Habasha(The Conquest of Abyssinia) famine ravaged northern Ethiopia in 1535 which would, ironically, weaken the invading army of Imam Ahmad Gragn.  It was reported that Iman’s young son Ahmad Al-Nagasi perished as a result.
— Between 1567-1570 famine ravaged southern Ethiopia in the Harar region and combined with a plague and ongoing war, would result in the death of its ruling Emir. This famine is reported in the book Islam in Ethiopia.
— Another significant famine was recorded in 1611, a result of a severe cold and heavy rains, that caused massive crop failure.
— At least five significant famines were reported during the 1600s, particularly between 1633-1635 where an epidemic of also cholera ravaged the Tigray region.
— According to the Royal Chronicle, ” there was a famine over all the provinces” in 1789.  A second severe famine was also reported in 1797. — Three significant famines with also reported in 1800, 1829, and 1835 .
— Between 1888-1892 the “Ethiopian Great Famine” occured—resulting in “about one-third of the population” to die.  It is believed that a viral disease from India nearly wiped out 90 percent of the cattle;  while crops were devestated by locusts and caterpillar .  The famine was worsen by the spread of typlus and small pox. — In 1929, it was reported that a famine ravaged the southern region which resulted also in a local revolt. — The famines in Wollo between 1966-1972 were televised in England and is partly blamed for the uprising that eventually led to the overthrow of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selasise. (Sources: Wikipedia)

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