America’s Famous Numismatist Traces Hobby To Ethiopia

America’s Famous Numismatist Traces Hobby To Ethiopia
— How A Few Ethiopian Coins Lead To A Million-dollar Collection
— Did you know that one of the great coin collectors in American history began with Ethiopian coins? …

Coin collecting is a passion, and those that study and collect them are known as numismatists. Among the most celebrated of numismatists in American history is that of Irving M. Moskovitz, who over a decade accumulated a collection valued over a million dollars in the 1960s — at the time it was considered one of the most valuable collections in the United States.   And of course, there is Ethiopian link to the story.   In 1965, while touring his collection of coins at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Reading, Pennsylvania; Moskovitz was interviewed by reporter Stanley J.Watkins of the Reading Eagle newspaper.  In Watkins’ article, Watkins asked Moskovitz about his favorites coins, Moskovitz replied, ” “they’re all my babies”.   The article continued, as quoted: “But he[Moskovitz] singled out coins from Ethiopia as the “ones I started with.” They are plantinum and gold and commemorate “Menelik, son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.”
According to the article, Moskovitch, a plumbing equipment dealer, began his coin collection hobby nine years earlier when he travelled to the Caribbean with his wife where they purchased some coins for his brother,who rejected them as”seconds”. This apparently spurred his coin collection which the article suggests could now be “one of the most costly in the world.”   The article appeared in the Reading Eagle on October 22, 1965. (Photo: 1966 Press Photo IRVING M. MOSKOVITZ DETROIT COIN COLLECTOR)

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One Response to America’s Famous Numismatist Traces Hobby To Ethiopia

  1. T. Moskovitz says:

    Mr. Moskovitz was not a “plumbing equipment dealer.” He was a plumbing and mechanical contractor in Detroit MI, as well as a licensed master plumber and long time member of plumbers local union 98 in Detroit.

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