UFO’s over Ethiopia – That wasn’t a flying mesob they saw

UFO’s over Ethiopia – That wasn’t a flying mesob  they saw
—Was anybody looking into the sky over Addis Ababa on September 29th? …

In case you may not be aware,  there is a video clip that has been circulating the internet of an alleged “unidentified flying object”  flying over Addis Ababa. In other words, some people believe a possible spaceship from another galaxy was in town. The video depicts an object that looks suspiciously similar to an airplane creating an aura(most likely from the foggy conditions of the last days of Ethiopia’s rainy season).  The video clip in fact doesn’t even give any indication it was filmed in Addis Ababa.   Nonetheless, this video–not the least bit intriguing or believable I must say—raised some curiosity, a little follow up research and a conclusion: Ethiopia lacks its share of UFO stories. This seems quite extraordinary taking into account Ethiopia has a rich history in mystery.  Ethiopia being the cradle of humanity, her possession of the Book of Enoch, its phenomenally accurate carved rock hewed churches and obelisks; and of coarse, its “Arkology”.   So,. wheres its UFO’olgy? Many UFO buffs do tend to mention Ethiopia on the subject of its historic possession of the complete  Book of Enoch–which they suggest contains references to “unearthly” phenomenon.    There was also(offensive as it would seem) a television documentary that was broadcasted on American television entitled “Ancient Aliens” which suggested Lalibela was the work of extraterrestrials, a.k.a space-men.  We’ll ignore this hypothesis.
Moving on, the website wiki.answers apparently reports just two previously known sightings of UFOs in Ethiopia.  It didn’t explain what those sightings were.  So, after a little research later, I can at least agree with that number. According to website spacepub.com, in 1935 explorer and ethnologist M. Pierre Ichac was studying a tribe in Ethiopia, where “he and the tribesmen encountered a metallic saucer shaped flying craft said to be hanging above the afternoon sun.” The only other significant published report I found was in “Astronomy for the Layman: Reality Before Belief”.  According to author Carl Zimmerling, “On Aug. 7th, 1970 over Saladare, Ethiopia, at about 11:30 a.m., a red glowing object appeared and swept over the village, leaving a path of destruction.”  Zimmerling continued: “During a ten minute flight over the village, houses were damaged along with stone walls, trees were up-rooted and asphalt, as well as cooking utensils, melted from the intense heat. Yet, no fire ever started throughout the ordeal.” And thats it. Two sightings only. In comparison, thousands are reported each year in the USA. So why so few reported UFOs?   One explanation is the limited resources to report and follow up on such encounters.   I also think if skeptics are permitted to speak, they might conclude that the lack of UFO sightings in Ethiopia is also a consequence of Ethiopia’s lack of sugar-ladin processed foods. But with Ethiopia becoming more and more western we should not discount for a moment that it will not be long before somebody will come forward with tales about friendly space-martians visiting and requesting some extra injera to take back with them to their great mesob in the sky.   And if its good for tourism, so be it. (This hoax photo appeared online in 2007 replicating similar flying saucer photos that were common place in the 1950s.)

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