And Ethiopianism begat Rastafarianism

“The emergence of the Rastafarians will remain a
puzzle unless seen as a continuation of the
concept of Ethiopianism which began in Jamaica
as early as the eighteenth century. The
enchantment with the land and people of Ethiopia
has had a long and interesting history. From
biblical writings through Herodotus to the
medieval fantasy with the mythic King Prester
John right down to our day, Ethyiopia has had a
hypnotic influence on history, which has been
retained by the imagination of Blacks in Diaspora.
Ine the nineteenth century, when the defenders of
slavery tried to divest Blacks of every dignity
of humanity and civilization, Blacks appealed to
the fabled glory of Ethiopia.”

Cited from Chapter 3/

“Ethiopianism in Jamaica”
By Leonard Barrett (1977)


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