Ethiopianism Poetics: The Holy Piby (1924)

“I Shall be cast into prison for your sake,
but my spirit shall go out of jail and fight for Ethiopia.”

“Then shall the children of Ethiopia return to their
own land and there establish a light with no nation shall
compare, nor will there be any power sufficient to douse it.”

“Mothers of Ethiopia, the convention has triumpthed,
your sorrows have brought joy to Ethiopia, your tears have
anointed her soil with a blessing, your cries have awakened
her children throughout the earth, yea in the corners of the
unknown world are they aroused, and is prophesying, saying
prepare ye the way for a redeemer.”

“And there appeared a light matcheless in its beauty.
Straightway the whole celestial host shouted and there
appeared millions of angels dancing in the light singing,
“Behold! Behold Ethiopia! the bride of the master.  Her day
has come at last! The Lord has received her hand.  Her night
has forever passed.”
– The Holy Piby (1924)
by Shepard Robert Athlyi Rogers


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