Abyssinia, Henry

Abyssinia, Henry

— On this date on March 18, 1975 the award winning American television comedy classic M.A.S.H ended its season finale, and maybe its most controversial episode of its third season entitled “Abysinnia, Henry”.
It was considered a shocking surprise end to the season, where the army gives an honorable discharge to the 4077’s MASH commander Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake. Lt..Col Blake thus departs from Korea and is killed off when his plane crashes in the Sea of Japan. The writing off the Blake character lead to wide-spread protests by die hard fans of the show, and caused fellow cast members of the show to quit in protest.
TV guide rated the episode as 20 in the top 100 television episodes of all times. According to wikipedia, the title refers to the 1920s and 1930s slang “Abysinnia” used in place of “I’ll be seeing you.”.


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