Remembering the “Princess” — Dorothy H. Bayen —

— On this date on April 7, 1988 , the widowed wife of Ethiopian Dr. Malaku Bayen, Dorothy H. Bayen, passed away .

Mrs. Dorothy H. Bayen played a significant role in the campaign to spread awareness of Ethiopià`s occupation by Italy . Mrs. Bayen was also married to one of the most respected Ethiopians of that era.

Dr. Malaku Bayen, was a highly regarded Ethiopian figure—the second cousin to Emperor Haile Selassie—who attained the honor of becoming the first Ethiopian to graduate from a US University as a doctor.

Illinois reporter/historian Morris “Dino“ Robinson, reporting for the Shore Front Journal, writes in a March 10, 2013 article that Dorothy was born in Evanston, Illinois on November 20, 1906 and was an African American student at Howard University where she later became employed as a secretary when the couple met.

The couple married in 1931 in Fairfax, Virginia. In 1933 Dorothy gave birth to their son, Malaku Bayen, Jr. The couple soon afterward moved to Ethiopia where Dr. Bayen attended to the battlefield.

During the onset of the conflict, Dorothy became a “War Correspondent” for the African-American Press and was regarded as Princess Malaku Bayen, Robinson notes.

The couple returned to the United States following the Italian occupation where they continued the struggle for the liberation of Ethiopia–producing together the Voice of Ethiopia newspaper and also founding the Ethiopian World Federation in 1937.

Robinson notes that while Dr. Bayen addressed audiences around the United States, Dorothy would distribute the famous Save Ethiopia pins.

An early tragedy for all, Dr. Bayen fell ill and passed away on May 4, 1940. Dorothy and her son would remain in the United States in the Washington D.C. area.

Later records indicated she returned to Howard University to work.

(Photo: Dr. Malaku, Malaku Jr. and Dorothy H. Bayen. According to Robinson, numerous sources were cited including Encyclopaedia Aethiopica and the Dorthy H Bayen Papers).

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Thank you so much Dino for an amazing story!


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  1. Thank you for reposting this article. We are hoping we may eventually find additional photos and other artifacts related to the family. It may prove to be an interesting exhibit for the Evanston and Chicago area communities.

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