Senseless Ethio-Death in America

Senseless Ethio-Death in America

— On this date on March 29, 2004, a Denver Colorado cabdriver from Ethiopia–Mesfin Gezahgn, age 45–was brutally stabbed to death, outside his vehicle .

Autopsy results indicated that over 39 wounds were found on his body.

The 19-year-old female killer—Amber Torrez—had now murdered a second person in less than 24 hours when she killed Colorado Free University founder John Hand following what was described as an armed robbery. Hand, age 55, was stabbed 30 times.

In court, Torrez plead guilty but the judge dismissed the charges on grounds of insanity.

Torrez, however, was later charged on unrelated charges and remains incarcerated.

Gezahgn left behind a wife and four month daughter in Ethiopia, both of whom he intended to bring to the United States.

It was reported that funds were being raised shortly after his death to send his body back home to Ethiopia.

(Photo: Surrounded by mountains to the west, plains to the east—the mile high city of Denver Colorado is home to a thriving Ethiopian community with estimates as high as 25,000.

In 1995 the city of Denver became the official sister of Ethiopia’s sacred city of Aksum , which it has dedicated after its airport, Axum.


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