Today the birthday of the proper noun Ethiopianism?

Today the birthday of the proper noun Ethiopianism?

— On this date on March 7, 1775, British whip party politician and historian Horace Walpole wrote “There may come a time, however, when I may wash my Ethiopianism white, but that time I never wish to live to see, because if I do, I must survive the majority of my friends.”

This appears to be oldest known written usage of the word “Ethiopianism”.

(Photo: Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford (24 September 1717 – 2 March 1797) was an English art historian, man of letters, antiquarian and Whig politician. He was also the son of Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole. Walpole maybe one of the earliest recorded individual to coin or use the term “Ethiopianism “.


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