Will the real dead Menelik please stand up

Will the real dead Menelik please stand up

Once again this past week(March 24) I posted a news report from the New York Times—this time dated March 24, 1910–that Ethiopian Emperor an ailing Menelik was near death. For the past year I regularly post or see similar reports of his death followed by official Abyssinian court officials later denying the claim.

I obviously did not discover something suspicious here.

The Boston Evening Transcript, dated February 3, 1913, entitled “Menelik Is “Dead” Again” reports, “There have been many rumours during the past five years of Menelik’s death, and it was reported at one time that the fact was being suppressed and that the empress was conducting the affairs of the Abyssinian Kingdom until Lidji Likji Jeassu was old enough to take the Govenorship into his own hands.

The Boston adds “Menelik’s death has been so frequently chronicled that the chief events of his life are generally known. It is fitting to say however, that he was one of the most remarkable men of his time… No contemporary monarch had a more interesting personality than had Menelik, and no monarch had a history which (c)an compare with his.

(Photo: Posters, Affiches Caricature of The Negus of Ethiopia, Menelik II (1844-1913), from ‘Le Rire’)


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