Ethio-Olympic Photo & FYI tidbit of the Day – July 30th
— Ethiopia made controversy at the 1972 Munich Olympics, days prior to the opening ceremony when it breifly announced it had withdrew from the Olympics to protest Rhodesia’s presense. Ethiopia followed Guyana,.which began the walkout. Other African countries announced they would also follow.

The Associated Press reported “the 34-man Ethiopian team, including two of the world’s best distance runners, made a Monday booking for airline passage home Sunday while Olympic officials sought to starve off a mass walkout of African nations from the Games over a poltiical technicality.”
Quoting Ethiopian team coach Maj. Tekeste Abay who said: “We are booked on a 2:45 p.m. flight Monday for Addis Ababa by way of Rome…We would have departed Sunday if there had been a flight. We will stay only if the matter is resolved by the IOC in the meantime.”
After much litigation, the International Olympic Committee witdrew its invitaton to Rhodesia to participate, and the boycott was avoided.

(Photo: Ethiopia’s 1972 Munich Olympic stamps)


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