Ehiopia The African Tibet Show

A seeker of great wisdom travelled to the highest
peak of Tibet and came upon the wisest monk.
“What is the secret of Mankind?“ he asked.
The monk replied, “I do not know, …
but I have a great view of Ethiopia from here.”

My friend, do not let the facts always interfere with a
great story, but Ethiopia maybe the metaphysical
location where the spiritual and physical bind.
Ethiopia maybe the is the Biblical (Genesis 2:13) and
Scientific (Lucy1974) location of the Garden of
Eden, the site of the Tree of Life.

Indeed it is written that Ethiopia is the land of
Moses’ wife. The ancient Greek philosopher Homer
said Ethiopia was where the God’s loved to be. In
the holy Ethiopian city of Aksum, it is alleged the
Ark of the Ark of the Covenant is kept.

Ethiopia is said to be where the primitive, ancient,
medieval and modern still mingle .

Among the first to embrace to the holy Quran found
safety in Ethiopia during their period of persection
in Mecca. The Prophet Muhammad , pbuh, hailed the
Ethiopians for their just King. Inshallah !

The fate of the Ethiopia is the Fate of the Earth?
Some can suggest through Ethiopia we can and
must redeem the sins of Adam and Eve (mankind) .
Cure the ills of Ethiopia today and we shall be
blessed to cure the ills of the Earth tomorrow
through the metaphysical exchange of Grace.

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About Ethiopia the African Tibet Show - Ethiopianism Online Revival

Promoting Ethiopia, Ethiopianism, and the African Nation that Acquired its Name.
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