Ethiopia’s Habesha-Barbera present’s
Scooby Doo & the Mystery of the Vanishing Prime Minister

(Scene two – Outside the Stadium—the crew eating samosa)

Fred: Well gang, this is definitely a mystery only we can solve.

Daphne: Oh not again. Wasn’t it enough that last week we proved bigfoot was just an Afar

tribesman trying to scare off those paleontologists ? Now we need to do this???

Fred: Yes Daphne, beside—this might be our last season .

Shaggy: Gee Scooby, this disappearance is starting to look complicated.. I think its time we go

get some more dabo kolo scooby snacks.

Scooby: Rrrda ya, scooby snacks. Scooby dooby doo.

Daphne: Oh great idea Shaggy—can you also pick me up 200 birr worth of that Columbian khat

Addisfortune is
raving about.

Velma: Daphne!!! Are you dieting again!?!

Daphine: No…but, ahh. Just…you know, Enkutatash is coming, and oh that dress is, well, just so…

Fred: Come on you two, we got work to do . Daphne…you come with me. We’re gonna visit the

Italian Embassy, I think those rumours of Birhanu Bayeh’s ghost might be behind this. Velma,

you go to Lycee Guebre Mariam and find someone that speaks French—I think we going to need a

translator to join us if we go to Belgium.

Shaggy: Belgium?? that’s like right next to Amsterdam.. cooooool.

Scooby: ryaa, Rcoooool.

Fred: Shaggy, Scooby, you get the supplies ready… We have no time to waste..

Shaggy : Okie dookie.. lets roll. If we leave now, Scooby and I will get to Jimma by 6 pm.

Velma: Jimma??? The last time you said you were going there we had to come bail you out of the

Shashamene prison!!!

Scooby: Scooby dooby doo

—End of Scene two—-


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