Menelik Gena

A Christmas Dinner with Menelik – Jan 7, 1900
The Miami Metropolis recounted in its December 16, 1916 publication a story about a traveller’s experience entitled:
“Christmas Dinner In Menelik’s Land”

“A traveler in Abyssinia thus describes the Christmas dinner of 1900 given by King Menelik at Adis Abeba: On Sunday, Jan. 7, being their Christmas day, the emperor most kindly asked us all to dine in the huge hall called Abderash, a building about 190 feet long, 90 feet wide and 35 feet high. All the ministers, ras and principal generals were present on the raised dais round the throne, while in the body of the hall about 30.000 soldiers were fed in two detachments. Our menu was as follows:

Milk and Rice Soup
Kabobs of Meat and Potatoes
Amelet and Herbs. Mince and Artichokes.
Fillets of Beef and Radishes.
Kabobs of Mutton and Cabbage.
Fried Brains. Fried mince and Macaroni.
Brown Rolls and Flat Bread. Coffee. Honey Beer.
French Claret. Arrack.
Twelve-year old Teg and Champagne.

“After dinner we shook hands and through an interpreter,
thanked his majesty for so much kindness. He replied: “May the Lord keep you well and may you return safely to your own country. May you have good shooting and a pleasant journey through my country.”

(an undated photo of a typical Abyssinian Ethiopian banquet during the time of Menelik Source: Amharic Wikipedia)


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