august 3 birthday

Ethiopianism Birthday Alert – Edward Wilmot Blyden
— Today is the birthday of the late Edward Wilmot Blyden, born on this date on August 3, 1832 in St Thomas, Danish West Indies.
Blyden would be among the first Americans to settle in the new state of Liberia where he served as an educator and diplomat, and would be regarded as the “Father of Pan-Africanism.”
Blyden passed away on February 7, 1912.
“Edward Wilmot Blyden, one of the major architects of Ethiopianism, likened the redemptive promise of Black people to Jesus of Nazreth. He held that the path to advancement is through suffering, as we learn not only from the Bible but from all History .
In Blyden’s view the suffering of the people of the diaspora would redeem all Black people. Later leaders would broaden the scope of redemption to all of America and indeed all the world.”
— Rod Bus
“We Are Not What We Seem: Black Nationalism and Class Struggle In the American Century)


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