august 10 ethiopianism

Milestones in Ethiopianism
— On this date August 11, 1906 the United Press Association writes from South Africa: “An Ethiopian preacher has been sentenced at Durban to six months imprisonment and twenty-five lashes for inciting Natal natives to rebellion. It is said that the preacher was in the habit of praying in the native Kraals that the natives might be given strength to drive the whitesacross the sea.”
The article associates the emergence of the Ethiopianism movement as the source of the uprising. “The spread of Ethiopianism has been very great, and is undoubtedly at the bottom of the great unrest which prevails among the blacks of Africa.”
(Photo: Henry Sylvester Williams, born in Trinidad on Feb 19, 1869, is considered one of the founding fathers of Pan Africanism—organizing the first known Pan African Conference, the African Association. Williams studied law in the United States, Canada, and finally in England, where he was the first person of African descent to address the House of Commons. In 1900, African delegates around the world met in London. Representing Ethiopia on behalf of Menelik II was Haitian Benito Sylvain.
Ethiopia was identified at the conference as “a source of inspiration” . The African Association was later the Pan African Association and in 1901 Williams launched the journal the Pan African. Williams returned to Trinidad after his 1908’s trip to Liberia. It was in Trinidad where he fell ill and died in 1911.)


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