“In the United States, Pan-Africanism was influenced by Edward Wilmont Blyden, a Liberian scholar of West Indian origins. Blyden’s writings and periodic visits to the United States in the late nineteenth century had a crucial influence on African American intellectual life.
“He was associated with two important strains in African-American thought, “vindicationism” and “Ethiopianism.” Vindicationism was a tradition that sought to demonstrate the humanity of African peoples by proving their contributions to world history, through the civilizations of ancient Egypt and the “blameless Ethiopians.”
These historical references to Ethiopia must be distinguished from “Ethiopianism”, the religious movement for the conversion and civilization which was a theology based on the biblical passage, “Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch forth her hands unto God.”
— Suk Hi Kim
“North Korea at a Crossroads”



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